I attended the SA style awards, and wow! What an incredible event. I was fortunate enough to receive the “next best thing/style in the city” award.


This award has shown me that consistency and never giving up on my dreams will always pay off! It has given me great confidence in knowing that there is many where that came from and that I can only move up from here. I will proudly display this award in my home forever.

Dress by La Manche


As we’re coming to a close of 2017, I can’t help but reflect on how amazing this year has been. All that I was fortunate enough to experience and how much I have accomplished still blows my mind, some of my best memories were made this year.

It has been a true honour to receive recognition for my hard work, I am truly grateful to my follows and brands that I’ve worked with. I’ve been working on my style journey for such a long time, yet it feels like I’ve just begun! There is way more to come!





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