I was so excited to be part of the Urban decay product launch at Reunion Island!

 What a lovely way to catch a tan and enjoy a tropical atmosphere with fellow bloggers & influencers especially when we’re in the heart of winter in South Africa.

Reunion Island is a beautiful French island located in the Indian ocean, east of Madagascar and southwest of Mauritius, and home to the most beautiful beaches and hotels. We visited the Lux Saint Gilles - 5-star Hotel, located on the western coast of this lush volcanic island, overlooking aqua-blue waters and it is surrounded by acres of beautiful tropical gardens. It was honestly one of thee most stunning hotels I’ve stayed at!

We hopped out of a luxurious chopper after a tour, which is a MUST! It is the best way to get a look at the islands landmarks such as the waterfalls, volcano, and breath-taking landscapes. What a way to make a stylish entrance right ladies?


We were served Urban Decay beauty products in a unique way, on a tray, as if it were a meal! I have been a huge fan of their products for the longest time, so of course I was so excited to be one of the influencers to try out the new Vice lipsticks and foundations and be part of the Urban Decay master class. Did I mention that the master class was held close to the pool side, under a pergola in the gardens on the grass breath taking setting girls!

I can always count on Urban Decay’s foundation to keep me looking fresh and their latest range of vice lipstick colours are vibrant and fun, I was super chuffed when I got to try them out. Each colour takes my look to a new level.

I decided to bring along some bohemian chic outfits which were suitable for my effortless yet fashionable “island girl” look.

My dining experience at the Lux Saint Gilles Hotel was one to remember! We enjoyed a lovely night out, where we were served a delicious 5-star blend of French, African and Malagasy local food, desserts, and drinks. We were entertained by magnificent fire dancers, lovely music and I had so much fun kicking off my shoes and learning some traditional dance moves, what a great way to unwind and enjoy some laughs with the girls!


Thank you, Urban Decay and Lux Saint Gilles Hotel, for creating unforgettable memories that will stay with me forever

Yours truly


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