Dressed in Diane

As you all know, designer Diana is not only a great friend of mine, but she is one of my favourite designers too. I absolutely adore her clothing. I love how the brand brings wardrobe-ready European fashion to our local shores. Look effortlessly elegant, all whilst making a subtle statement in Diane Paris.

I absolutely love this red applique’. It is an exclusive limited edition. This look creates an artisanal effect for the strong and sexy woman, she has an edge and yet she is romantic.Diane Paris is so versatile that it ranges from looks that are edgy and sophisticated to simply crisp and chic.

I love this look, it is classic black and white. The crisp, white high waisted pant with the black lace shirt is a match made in flirtatious heaven! This look describes the high-end shopper perfectly, she demands attention just by the clothes she wears.

Both these looks were worn at the AFI Cape Town fashion week show.



Tags: fashion, designer, style

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