Falling For Ferragamo

It is Fashion week in Milan! Finally the main event has arrived - The Ferragamo show, I am so stoked to watch this show

Italy is the home to Ferragamo, so the excitement for the show was definitely evident! The late Salvatore Ferragamo started built his empire on luxurious leather shoes, and later branched out to high end ready-to-wear clothing as well as one of a kind handbags and shades! 

The show was absolutely stunning! The collection is very diverse, from strong structures to soft silky silhouettes. It ranged from perfectly tailored suits to flowing ponchos. The colour contrast was also very interesting, as there were many subdued tones against really bright elements and accessories. The level of design in this collection is absolute impeccable, each piece had a high-end and luxurious look and feel. From silk, to velvet, Ferragamo definitely pulled out all the stops for the fall season and showed us why they keep winning! All the design elements showcased were a true reflection of their artistic talent and ability.

A really fun and exciting part of the entire show was that they showcased a wide variety of green tones in the collection, and I wore the exact shade of green too! I think it is safe to say that I am definitely riding the trendy train haha! all thanks to Orapeleng!


I love wearing South African designs, especially when I travel out of the country, our designers in SA have incredible talent and I always look forward to proudly showing off Orapeleng's pieces! I absolutely adored this green goddess two piece, it is sleek and it fits like a glove! The shimmer on this sophisticated suit definitely steals the show! I paired it with a fun fur scarf, chic shades and gorgeous boots suede boots to contrast colours!




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