Capture Youth by Dior

I am so excited about Dior’s latest range of skincare products.

I’ve always been a fan of the Dior brand from fashion to beauty and skin products.

The Glow Booster

This product is a serum, I love serums they are known to be the most effective when it comes to seeing results and this product is no different! It contains an active ingredient such as Vitamin C from Murunga Plum helps to brighten skin, Alpha hydroxy acid helps to even skin tone and Iris extract boosts skin's natural antioxidant power. Given these ingredients, this product is bound to work! I have already seen results. My skin feels exfoliated and it is glowing.

The Plump Filler

This must be one of my winter and summer essentials! For those super dry seasons. This serums contains three different weights of hyaluronic acid molecules which gives my skin the extra moisture it needs, my skin appears fuller and more elastic.

The Lift Sculptor

This is my go to serum when it comes to redefining the contours of my face. I’ve noticed an increase of firmness in my skin, it is Formulated with a blend of polyphenols of natural origin, extracted from green and white tea, hence it is organic and safe to use on the skin.

The Matte Maximizer

Goodbye oily skin and hello matte serum! I absolutely love the fact that this serum manages the excess shine of my skin. It also moisturizes my skin with its lactic acid formula.

 Age-Delay Advanced creme

Guys I've found my secret to youthful looking skin! This creme is amazing, my skin feels extremely moisturized, and toned after using this creme. It contains natural ingredients as well, such as concentration of florentina iris combined with a plant mesh which is what gives off an amazing youthful glow.

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